Here's how to get started:


Pick a 30-day period that works for you

If you know that you have a lot of events or travel coming up then that may not be the best time to try a Cookuary challenge.



Plan out your meals and go grocery shopping for the ingredients

Not every meal needs to be an extravagant dish, but you do need to be prepared in order to have a successful Cookuary. Otherwise, the temptation to eat out gets stronger and stronger... Check out my blog post on 8 Tips for a Successful Cookuary



Try at least a few new dishes that you've never cooked before

Dig into the family recipes, favorite cultural dishes, or your best version of a local restuarant meal. This keeps the excitement throughout the 30-days and allows you to stretch your cooking chops.


Oh and don't eat out!

On those days where you've ran out of prepped food and groceries, and all you have left is a can of sardines and some carrots; that's when you're going to test your willpower and see if you can withstand the temptation to eat out. I mean, it's just a sandwich or bad could it be, right? It's pretty much homemade, isn't it? DON'T DO IT!

P.S. Sorry Dad, this photo is just too perfect...