Cookuary Meal Prep Class @ Ferm Farm

Join me as I show you how to plan, shop, and execute a successful healthy meal plan that fits into a busy schedule. Focusing on fresh local ingredients, I've developed my own methods for cooking in bulk, creating variety, and building healthy balanced meals that contain tons of vital nutrients. Cooking demos and recipes will include homemade mayonnaise, zucchini and squash noodles, ceviche, taro chip pizzas, bacon-egg potato salad, and my own dairy-free coconut cream custard recipe! All recipes are gluten-free :)

Plan -> Buy -> Cook -> Eat -> Streak

Class Fees: $50 includes a goody bag of taro chips, a coconut custard, and a discbound meal planner with 15 delicious recipes to take home!

Next Class: Saturday, August 27th from 5pm to 7pm

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Located at:
Fermentation Farm, 1125 Victoria St., Suite R, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

"Thanks for the great class! Your food was very tasty :) One of the main things I learned was the importance of planning ahead and cooking in bulk. The appendices at the back of your booklet are really helpful too. It's hard to know what products and brands are best and where to buy them, so your "Favorite Products" and "Where I Shop" lists will definitely come in handy."
- Aaron F.