Why Grandmas are the BEST cooks!

Dedicated to all the Grandmas out there. We love you! 

Here are the reasons why Grandmas are the BEST cooks!

Each recipe is a story. It may be a story about the first time they ever made that dish or the first time they ever ate that dish. Or if you're lucky,  it will be a history lesson about when their mother or grandmother used to make that dish for them when they were growing up.

There is always something a little naughty in the dish. Whether it be an extra pinch of sugar or a little bit of bacon grease. Only Grandmas know the secret ingredient. They must have a secret society of some kind where they brainstorm all of these wonderously naughty ideas...

They somehow get you to eat dishes that are healthy for you. Maybe they hide it in a dish that you love, or they just happen to know how to make that healthy ingedient shine like no one else can. Except liver...every Grandma eats liver like it's a delicious hamburger and now I'm trying to find ways to eat it myself because of how nutrititious it is. Still working on that one...

A Grandma's precise movements are a masterclass in multitasking. Somehow they are able to continually baste a turkey while prepping a sweet potato casserole and simultaneously making sure the noodles for the macaroni and cheese come out perfect. All without timers. Just by pure feel!

While they may not have gone to culinary school or worked under a famous chef, their cooking skills have reached the highest level of mastery. If it takes 10,000 hours practice to become a master, then what do you become after 50,000 hours? A Master Grandma. AND they know techniques that could have only been passed down to them through the generations. Techniques that laugh in the face of all the new kitchen gadgetry.

They have a deep understanding of the space-time continuum. While mastering the art of multi-tasking, they have somehow figured out how to bend time so that each dish comes out on the table at the same exact moment. And there is no team of cooks making this happen! It's just one person!

Their recipe books are the original detective novels. Every Grandmas' recipe book should come with a special magnifying glass to help you decipher all of the handwritten notes and measurements that live within it. Papers of all shapes and sizes with maybe even some napkins in there as well. The real feat is that Grandmas can make all of those dishes from memory without even skipping a beat.

Please please please spend time with your parents and grandparents in the kitchen and get them to teach you their recipes and tell you their stories. You'll learn amazing things about them in the process and learn how to cook some of the tastiest food of your life. And then maybe...one day...you will become a grandma too. I sure hope I do!

 By the way, the secret ingredient is always LOVE.