The #1 Rule of Cookuary: Eat anything you want, just cook or prepare it yourself. Do not eat out or eat a fully-prepared grocery store meal. That is all.


If all you do is not eat out for 30-days, you are essentially completing the challenge. Sort of. But I do want everyone to push themselves to cook and prepare meals from scratch since that will help you hone your cooking skills and push you to try more
challenging dishes.

I'm not looking to have everyone try and make every single piece of a meal from scratch for the entire 30-day period. Some meals will naturally lean towards being made from scratch and others will be a lot tougher. But that also may tell you something about how processed the meals are that you are eating on a regular basis and how many truly whole foods you are putting in your body.



Since I've spent the last 5 years working to attain various health goals, I've come to realize how truly important cooking is to living a long, healthy life. I've always enjoyed cooking and felt great when I was cooking consistently, but I never did it long enough to feel like I made much forward progress. 

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8 Tips for a successful cookuary

First off, if you have decided to take on this challenge, I commend you! It is not an easy one. Many of us have gotten so used to grabbing meals on the run and dining out with friends that cooking has completely fallen off the radar. Well now it's time to turn that around.

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